Peking Roasted Duck

401. SMALL


Roasted Duck

 403. HALF

404. WHOLE

405. Special Peking Duck (3 to 4 people)  

broth with shredded duck

roasted skin

duck slices

duck slices with vegetables


1. Spring Rolls (2 rolls)

2. Fried Van-Tan

3. Shrimp Flavored Chips

4. Toasted Almonds


5. Shao Mai with Shrimp Filling

6. Shao Mai with Chicken Filling

7. Xia Jiao stuffed with shrimp

8. Shao Mai with Nori Seaweed stuffed with shrimp and black pork

9. Dumplings stuffed with black pork

10. Jiao Zi stuffed with black pork and vegetables

106. Shao Mai with Beef

107. Bean Dumpling with truffle olive oil

108. Ginger Fish Dumplings

109. Vegetable Dumpling


12. Broth with Shredded Duck

13. Shrimp Stuffed Van Tan Soup

14. Shark's Fin Soup

15. Soup with Shrimp

16. Hot and Sour Soup

17. Bird's Nest Soup

18. Mushroom Soup

19. Maize Soup

20. Chicken Soup


21. Prawn Salad

22. Bean Sprout and Lettuce Salad

23. Chinese Salad

24. Monk’s Salad (hot dish)

25. Weeds and Bean Sprout Salad (hot dish)

26. Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots

28. Pak Choi Cabbage


29. Prawn Omelet

30. Vegetable Omelet



31. Mapu Tofu (spicy dish)

32. Tofu with Tomato

33. Tofu with Prawns


35. Jiao Yan Fried Prawns

34. Fried Prawns with Green Asparagus

36. Fried prawns with Pak Choi

37. Prawns with Oyster Sauce

38. Fried Prawns with Garlic
on the iron tray

39. Fried Prawns

40. Fried Prawns with Lemos Sauce

41. Prawns with Spicy Sauce

42. Prawns with Curry

44. Prawns Chop Suey

45. Con Pao Shrimp with cashew

46. Prawns with Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo on the iron tray

47. Sweet-and-Sour Prawns

48. Fried Sweet Prawns on iron tray

49. Prawns in an Eathen Ware Pot

52. Happy Family (2 people)


53. Fish fillets Chin Stao fried with weeds, peas and bamboo

54. Grouper Cutlet

55. Steam Boiled Fish

56. Fried Fish Fillets with Leeks and Ginger

57. Sweet-and-Sour Fish


58. Cuttlefish La Cao with spicy sauce

59. Fried Cuttlefish

60. Cuttlefish with Chinese Mushromm and Bamboo on iron tray

61. Cuttlefish with Curry

65. Cuttlefish with Black Beans


63. Duck on a Pineapple Canoe

64. Duck with Orange

66. Duckling with Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo on iron tray

67. Peiking Duck without pancakes

68. Chop Suey Duck


69. Fried Chicken on a Pineapple Canoe

70. Fried Chicken with Almonds

71. Chicken with Almonds

72. Con Pao Chicken with cashew

73. Fried Chicken with Lemon

74. Chop Suey with Chicken

75. Chicken with Curry

707. Chicken with Black Beans

76. Chicken with Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo on iron tray


77. Sweet-and-Sour Pork

78. Black Pork with Vegetables

79. Black Pork with Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo on iron tray

80. Black Pork with Oyster Sauce


81. La Cao Beef with spicy sauce

82. Beef with Oyster Sauce

83. Fried Beef with Leeks and Ginger

84. Beef with Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo on iron tray

85. Chop Suey with Beef

86. Sliced Beef with Broccoli

87. Sliced Beef with Peppers


88. Plain Rice

89. Chao Chao Rice (Fried Rice)

90. Rice with prawns

91. San-Chein Rice (three flavours)

92. Rice with Duck

94. Rice Noddles with Vegetables

95. Rice Noddles with Pork

96. Rice Noddles with Beef

97. Rice Noddles with Chicken

98. Rice Noddles with Prawns

93. Rice Noddles with Pork, Chicken and Prawns

99. Chao-Min with Vegetables

100. Chao-Min with Pork

101. Chao-Min with Beef

102. Chao-Min with Chicken

103. Chao-Min with Prawns

104. Chao-min with Pork, Chicken and Prawns

105. Noodles Soup with Pork, Chicken and Prawns